Teenager guides fellow youth against excessive gadget use

“Many teens now have lost their way by engaging in different kind of vices or addiction,” shared 17-year-old Jay from Bohol, Philippines. “They can still go back to the right path by studying and reflecting Bible verses,” he adds.

The young man is the eldest child among four siblings. He hails from an island province famous for its tourist spots.  Jay’s father works as a taxi manila in Manila, the nation’s capital. But he returned home during the pandemic and earn income through farming. Jay’s mother also helps in the farm.

The senior high student developed his empathy towards his fellow children and youth when he participated in World Vision activities. He learned the many issues affecting children including child labor and abuses. He also learned the rampant concerns affecting teenagers such as early pregnancy, use of illegal drugs, and excessive use of gadgets.

Jay also learned the many ways that he can do to alleviate these issues. One way that he can relate to is the organization’s Spiritual Nurture for Children (SNC) where children are introduced to activities that are Bible verse-themed.

“I like the SNC because I believe that God’s word can have a powerful impact in our lives if we reflect on it,” he shares.

Jay always has a relationship with God which started when he was young. He used to be an altar boy. During his teenage years, he shared that he became inactive in church but his faith in God never wavered.

After attending SNC workshops, he volunteered to be an SNC facilitator in his own community. He provides workshops to his neighbors and friends.

“I hope that my leadership can give an impact to the participants. There are many issues that affect the youth now. It is important that they strengthen their faith in God to guide them,” he explains.

In an SNC workshop, the participants are provided with worksheets which they can read and reflect Bible verses, answer questions, express their reflection through art, and share their reflections to other participants.

“My favorite verse is Genesis 28:15 where God said that He will be with us wherever we go and He will watch over us. I want to share that to others so that they will be reminded that God is with them especially during their darkest times,” concludes the young man.


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