Donor visit brings hope to a dumpsite daycare center

CEBU — Staff of Far East Organization, a real estate developer in Singapore, recently visited a World Vision’s community where they painted a daycare center used by the children living in the community.

“I am glad that they chose this classroom for their activity. It will surely make the children happy,” said teacher Bel.

The visitors painted across the four corners of the classroom and mounted drawings on the walls to create a vibrant learning environment for the young students.

The visitors also had interactive activities with the children like clay molding, balloon making, and watching a magic show.

The Far East Organization staff also visited World Vision’s nutrition class, planted vegetables and fruit-bearing plants, did a clean-up drive, and helped construct a home for a family living in the dumpsite.

article by Ferdie Cogal | World Vision intern || photos by Miriam Donoz

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