Mother of 2’s candy livelihood


Mylene is now able to support two of her relatives’ education because of moledo-making, a staple snack in the Philippines made of sweet potato.

The 33-year-old mother of two, along with other women, is a member of a CoMSCA group in Aklan that has just started to make a living out of sweet potatoes.

CoMSCA or Community Managed Savings and Credit Association teaches members, especially those living in rural areas, the value of savings and managing their finances should members put up a small business.

Mylene’s group used their CoMSCA savings as capital to start their moledo candies livelihood, and also to earn additional income.

Everyone in the CoMSCA group agreed to moledo-making as their livelihood as it is easy to process and the ingredients are accessible. The main ingredient—sweet potato, is very common in their area. They can also  easily buy root crops from their neighbors in the community and cut the transportation cost.

Mylene shared she used to dependent on her husband who used to work as a seafarer. When his contract ended, the family’s income was greatly affected. The couple struggled to land a job in their community.

“It was really tough. I was unemployed for a long time, and when I finally got employed, I still was not even earning enough,” she says.

Her salary won’t even compensate for the long hours she had  to endure away from her children.

“With our CoMSCA, I can just stay here in our community and still be able to provide for our growing family,” says Mylene.

At the moment, Mylene and her CoMSCA group members are still perfecting moledo-making and aim to earn from this candy-making business.


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