Brothers donate to World Vision amid the COVID-19 pandemic

As quarantine restrictions are easing in most areas in the country including Metro Manila, World Vision remains committed to help government units and frontliners in ensuring the safety of our communities.

Across the country, our emergency response has reached 3.2 million individuals, more than 1 million are children. These would not be possible if not for the joint effort of volunteers, frontliners, service providers, community leaders and most especially, donors like Joaquin and Sebastian Francisco.

Joaquin Francisco

Joaquin, a graduate of Business Administration from the University of the Philippines, and Sebastian, an Architecture student in De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, are siblings who grew up in a household that supported their dreams.

“My childhood dreams ranged anywhere from the notably ambitious to the out-of-this world. I vividly recall wanting to become a hundred different things when I was a kid – a bemedaled martial artist, a chef, an engineer and at one point, Tarzan. Funny enough I think that last one was the dream I held on to the longest,” Joaquin shared lightheartedly. He is currently working in finance.

Sebastian Francisco

Sebastian on the other hand, realized at the young age of 12 that he wanted to become an architect stemming from his love of drawing.

Both Joaquin and Sebastian were busy building their dream careers when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. It affected so many of their plans including Sebastian’s studies but at the same time, made them think of others who had it worse.

“Feeling distraught on how COVID-19 has put a big pause button on my studies, I also began to think of how much worse it could be for others. The countless people out of a job, not earning a salary, starving, fighting for their lives, and fighting for the lives of others, made me realize I was too lucky for my own good. I thought of how I should be reaching out at a time when our country needs it most,” Sebastian shared.

The current situation of children and families, urged the siblings to donate to World Vision’s emergency health response that provided personal protective equipment and sanitation kits to frontliners and health centers, and is giving vegetable packs and educational kits to families during this time.

“I remember when I was younger, my mother made the decision to sponsor two children through World Vision’s Child Sponsorship program – a program to which she continues to contribute to, to this day. I chose to support World Vision’s Emergency Response because of my mother; because she believes in the cause that World Vision dedicates itself to and more so the case that it makes now in this time of COVID-19 – that an unprecedented threat to children needs unprecedented action,” Joaquin said. Their mother, Annie, has been a World Vision child sponsor since 2010.

Joaquin donated his first salary while Sebastian gave the money he saved as a supposed birthday gift to himself. The brothers hope that more people would learn to appreciate and be grateful for the things they have as inner gratitude helps us realize that we are all in a position to help others.

As of writing, World Vision continues to complement the government’s effort in providing food and financial assistance to families in need, and to support children’s education with home learning materials and activity packs.


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