A ticket to a great destination

(Below is a speech delivered by Christopher, a Tulong Aral ng Petron scholar in General Santos City. The project supported the education of 6,000 elementary students in Metro Manila and Mindanao for 13 years.)

My name is Christopher, a grade 8 graduating student. This graduation, I will be receiving an award. I have been a Tulong Aral ng Petron scholar since I was in Grade 1. I am fortunate that I have been a scholar.

I believe that every youth dreams something to become someday but not all those dreams will happen, especially if it involves education. There are students who really want to go to school but cannot do so due to lack of money. There are those who excel in school, intelligent ones whose grades suffer simply because they cannot afford to buy things needed for their school projects nor can join extra-curricular activities. In some cases, there are students who go to school  with an empty stomach.

Maybe if I haven’t been a TAP scholar, I would suffer any of these fates I’ve mentioned: go to school hungry and have no money to do my projects nor join school activities.

The assistance from Petron Foundation and World Vision provided youth like me an opportunity to go to school and finish our study. Being a scholar helps me have self-confidence that somebody, aside from my parents, is helping to finish my study.

My words of thanks cannot fathom how grateful I am to this scholarship. We, and the rest of TAP scholars, are thankful everyday because we were not forgotten. With everything that you do for us, small or big, you change our lives forever. It is like you have given us a ticket to a great destination.

Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for always supporting us until we finish our schooling.

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