Abutin Na10 Campaign FAQ's

1. What is Abutin Na10 Campaign?

Abutin Na10 is an awareness and fundraising campaign which aims to support the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Learning Continuity Plan (LCP) for students nationwide. Resources raised through this campaign will fund the 1) printing of Self-Learning Materials and 2) procurement of learning gadgets in support to LCP’s distance learning and home schooling modalities.

Envisioned to engage about 10 million concerned Filipinos to donate at least P100 each, the Abutin Na10 initiative can possibly support 10 Million Student to continue learning and developing their life skills even while on community quarantine due to the Covid-19 situation. Your donations to “Abutin Na10” campaign promotes access among students to printed education and instructional packets and gadgets.

2. What is the role of World Vision in Abutin Na10 Campaign?

World Vision Development Foundation has been tapped by the Department of Education as the fund campaign manager of this initiative to synergize all the partners’ efforts and resources to address education-related challenges brought by the ongoing pandemic.

3. How do I donate to Abutin Na10 campaign?

You can donate through bank deposit or the popular online payment channels below:

  • 1. Bank Deposit
    • Bank Account Number: 2983-1065-12
    • Bank Account Name: World Vision Development Foundation, Inc.
    • Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • 2. GCash (via QR Code)
  • 3. PayMaya (via QR Code)
  • 4. Joy to Give (an online WV Fundraising platform)
  • 5. Lazada, Shopee, and other partner e - commerce sites

4. Will World VIsion provide official receipts for our donation / s ?

Yes, official receipts will be provided by World Vision through electronic mail or by direct mail after processing of donation / s.World Vision Development Foundation is an accredited non - profit organization; all donations are tax - deductible.

5. Where exactly will my donation / s go ?

Your donation will be pooled with other funds raised for the printing of Self - Learning Materials and procurement of gadgets to support LCP’s distance learning and home schooling modalities.

6. Can I donate the money to a particular school or province ?

Through this campaign, we hope to prioritize and reach children who live in the most vulnerable and remote areas including the indigenous people(IP) communities.Identification of the distribution areas will be in coordination with DepEd, concerned schools, and possibly also tap the local government units’ help.That said, we could not assure that your kind donations * received will specifically go to your preferred school / s or province / s.We hope to share the actual list of distribution areas soon. World Vision is currently present in at least 22 provinces nationwide.

* Your donation will be considered “unrestricted” which means that you are not restricting World Vision as to which schools or communities your donations will go.This will be more strategic and efficient, in the process, for us optimize the raised resources and reach more children through this campaign.

7. How will the learning materials be distributed to DepEd Schools ?

  • a. DepEd determines the quantity and type of learners' support that will be deployed to target schools.
  • b. DepEd provides the master copy of all the self - learning material to be reproduced.
  • c. DepEd provides the list of schools where the learning materials will be deployed.
  • d. Through the support of DepEd Regional Partnership Focal Persons, World Vision will monitor the status of the distribution of learners’ support.