World Festival Inc., World Vision join Samar kids in plogging to care for the environment

Samar, Philippines― Japanese production company World Festival Inc., in partnership with World Vision, went plogging — a combination of jogging and picking up trash — with children and their community on Sunday, May 19.

 The plogging activity aims to encourage children and their community to love the environment and promote proper waste management.

“We want to spread this activity and inspire both children and adults to discover that it is fun and hopefully create a stronger bond with their community,” said Chief Executive Officer of World Festival Inc., Yuki Kondo.

Along with Kondo was plogging producer, Eichiro Tokita, who steered the activity. “We want to raise awareness on loving our environment in a way that is enjoyable, not just through picking up trash but also upcycling,” he said.

Some of the trash collected were segregated for the next day’s World Kids Festival event, organized by both World Festival Inc.  and World Vision, where children enjoyed various activities like origami, keychain-making using bottle caps, tree-building using cardboards, painting, singing and playing musical instruments, among others.

“We hope to encourage children to appreciate the things around us, connect with themselves and each other and discover how beautiful the world is. Hopefully the event will also bring us the discovery of talents,” said World Vision Operations Manager for Visayas, Bonifacio Calapan.

Kondo shared Calapan’s vision and expressed the importance of building knowledge and experiences. “We want to expand children’s horizons and encourage them that anything can be achieved by imagination, creativity, and hard work,” he said.

World Festival Inc.’s partnership with World Vision goes way back. In 2018, the two partnered in building a school library in Samar which around 600 students use.

“Before, we only had an educational corner per homeroom where our students used to read materials, but with only limited resources. Now we have a library which is equipped with computers, printers, Wi-Fi, books, office supplies, and others,” said schoolteacher Roberto Pacanza.

Meanwhile, grade 10 student, Charisse, expressed her gratitude to World Festival Inc. and World Vision. “The event brought us joy, fun, and unforgettable experiences. We also thank you for making our library a dream come true. I hope that you bring more happiness to children,” she said.

Grade 8 student, Angelina, also said, “It was my first time to join plogging. It was a good experience to be able to help reduce trash in our community together with my friends.”

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