Ways to Get Involved

When you partner with World Vision Philippines, you have a variety of opportunities for you and your teams to make a real difference in the lives of children and communities in the Philippines. We’ve experienced working with companies over the years with corporate engagement programs like the following:



Cause-related Marketing

Increasingly, consumers are looking for ways to donate and give back to a good cause. World Vision’s brand as a highly trusted and capable child-focused Christian Humanitarian Organization makes it an ideal partner beneficiary of your online bookings, special events, activation programs, (buy one give one, percentage of sales, point-of-purchase) customer loyalty points / rewards programs, and other corporate tie-ups. This would give your campaign the social impact that it needs to penetrate a wider range of publics with value-added support from the World Vision family which includes – WV staff, existing child sponsors, celebrity ambassadors, community stakeholders and our very own social media community.



Community Visits and Outreach Programs

Conducting Team Building activities by spending time with children in one of the World Vision-assisted communities is guaranteed to make a difference – not just in the lives of children and families in need – but in the lives of the volunteers themselves. Activities may range from medical missions, field trips, mentoring and tutorial programs, and exciting learning events and workshops for children and community members.



Sectoral Projects

To complement ongoing development initiatives and deliver greater impact, your company can harness its expertise and engage in community-based projects that focus on education, healthcare, food and nutrition, livelihood and microfinance, and environment protection. Dedicated field workers and community partners ensure quality project implementation that is regularly evaluated to address the development needs of families and communities.



Relief and Rehabilitation

Companies serve as frontline responders by providing product and service donations for resources and logistics support to strengthen prepositioning of relief goods and services even before a     disaster strikes. Donations to Batang Handa Emergency Preparedness and Response Fund also assist in the capacity building and advocacy campaigns that promote child-focused disaster relief programming in contribution to national efforts to further develop our country’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Programs.

We are committed to providing a strong CSR partnership that is aligned to your corporate strategy, core business and mission – taking in consideration of your capabilities, expertise and market. Engaging in CSR programs certainly have core business benefits in return as it would help you strengthen your brand positioning and enhance your corporate image leading to increased sales and market share, increased ability to attract, motivate and retain employees, and increased appeal to investors and financial analysts.

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