Small people can do big things

Playing with their art materials, breathing life into the random things they paint with careful strokes of various colors, brothers Lee, 12 yrs old  and Xian, 9yrs old, seem to be ordinary Filipino-Chinese brothers who enjoy the luxury of having their needs amply provided.


But glance back at them one more time for they are not only what they seem to be.


Lee and Xian Tomas have helped World Vision get 41 referrals, thereby making them this year’s Child Ambassadors. For more than a month, the brothers were eagerly delivering their convincing spiels, either face to face or over the phone, in Tagalog, English, or even local Chinese dialect to their friends and relatives.


The Child Ambassadorship started as a challenge of Mr. Jefferson Tomas to Lee and Xian. The brothers willingly took on their father’s challenge, hoping that they will get as many sponsors in order for them to get their individual prizes: a brand new cell phone for Lee and an RC boat for Xian. However, as time went by and as they acquired the number of referrals that they need to get their prizes, the brothers decided to continue getting more.


"I chose to help sponsor children because my dad also has 10 sponsored children. I wanted also to follow my dad," added Xian as to why they he agreed with his brother to get more referrals. Meanwhile, Lee shared, “I thought that if these children had money to get educated, they will have a good future.” Also, he said, "Being a child sponsor means a lot to me. It means that I will be a spokesperson of the children to voice their needs to the people in the city, to my friends and family so that they will know about the plight of these kids."


Aside from the children they were able to help through their efforts, Mr. Jefferson and Mrs. Fanny Tomas rejoiced the most at their son’s achievements. “It is an overwhelming joy on my end to see them going out of their way," said Mr. Jeff, who also shared that even though Lee and Xian are both home-schooled, he wants to see them become role models to their fellow children through the challenge he gave them. He also emphasized that, through this activity, Lee and Xian were able to go out of their comfort zones and overcome rejections.

"I chose to help sponsor children because my dad also has 10 sponsored children. I wanted also to follow my dad," Xian on his decision to help other children.


Mrs. Fanny, in line with this, said that it was the experience, rather than the achievements of her two sons, which made her the proudest. “… Both of them are telling us that it's not as easy as they thought it would be even for their ninangs, even for their friend, or for our friends,” added Ms. Fanny. She also put premium on the holistic development that she wants Lee and Xian to achieve with the help of the Child Ambassador challenge.



The Tomas brothers are indeed proofs that people from different walks of life can help less-fortunate children and their communities through their own, simple ways. Big or small, sincere acts of help still ignite the light of hope for those in need.