World Vision brought joy to thousands of children through its Noche Buena gift campaign


Last December, with the help of generous donors and partners, World Vision gave Noche Buena gift packs to about 30,000 children and their families, as part of its annual Christmas gift campaign.

This year’s theme “One Joy for Children” focused on what truly counts for most children this Christmas season — Family Togetherness.

Nine-year-old Hilarey from Isabela easily associates Christmas with love and happiness. Her father works as a construction worker to earn for the family. Hilarey does not see her father often, but she appreciates his sacrifices to be there when it matters most.

Growing up in the province of Isabela, the simplicity of life has taught her to appreciate the small things—having food on the table, playing with friends, going to school and seeing her family in good health. Last Christmas, she helped her mother prepare their Noche Buena and celebrate Christ Jesus’ birth together as a family.

“Ang gusto ko pong iregalo kay Mama at Papa sa Pasko ay pagmamahal po. Kasi po kung gaano po nila ako minahal, gusto ko din po ganoon ko po din sila mamahalin,” Hilarey fondly shared. Hilarey is one of the 34,000 World Vision-sponsored children across the Philippines. Grateful for her parents’ love and support, Hilary tries her best in school to be a teacher someday.

If not for the generous help and positive response of thousands of Filipinos, the Noche Buena campaign, on its fifth year, would have not reached this far. “We are exceedingly grateful to all our partners and supporters who have shared their God-given resources to add meaning to our children and their families’ Christmas celebrations,” shared World Vision’s donor care manager Precious Basco. “You are an inspiration to us and the children we serve. May God’s abundance be upon you and your family as you journey through 2019. Thank you and God bless you more.”

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