Story of Transformation: Typhoon Ursula Shelter Assistance Project

Typhoon Ursula caused large devastation in Aklan province on Christmas day of 2019. Many families lost their homes and evacuated to relatives and evacuation centers near them. As support to households categorized under totally damaged houses, World Vision Philippines in Aklan conducted house visitation and check the  situation of those houses in need of repair.

World Vision provided shelter repair materials to affected families.

Images courtesy of Ryan Patnongon (Mambuquiao, Batan, Aklan) & George Sarino (Malinao, Aklan)

Images courtesy of Ailyn Calizo (Nagustan, Nabas, Aklan) & Dionisia Iguin (Malinao, Aklan)


Story of Transformation: Laiza Opinion, Camanci, Batan, Aklan

Laiza and her family lives in a far-flung community in Camanci, Batan, Aklan. There are two children in the family. To support their needs, she and her husband put up a small sari-sari-store and raise hogs for living. They also have a videoke machine for rental.

When typhoon Ursula hit the Visayas islands, their house went totally damaged, forcing them to transfer to a relative’s house in the same neighborhood. Laiza recalled that they were able to gradually fix their house, and returned after a month.

After the typhoon, they were trying to make ends meet while having their house repaired– they continued sending their children to school and prepare enough food for the family everyday. According to her, they accessed loans from micro-finance institutions and CoMSCA. Aside from these loans, their family is one of the recipients of World Vision’s Typhoon Ursula shelter repair assistance. She expressed how thankful they are as they received materials such as plywood, GI sheets, and nails while they continue with their house restoration.

She also said that nothing will happen if they will just wait for other people to help them bounce back; that is why they, are also trying their best to provide safe shelter for their family, even in a gradual manner.

For now, their house repair is almost complete. Their sari-sari-store and hog-raising livelihood are sustained, which help them in getting by during pandemic. They are also struggling now, but they are still thankful that they can still provide complete meal to their family.

This school year, the two children are now enrolled and are waiting for further announcement from their schools on how they will adapt the new normal learning activities. Laiza continues to pray that God will continue to provide for their family during this time of pandemic.