Tilapia fishpond supports thriving farmer association


By Mong Jimenez, Field Communications Specialist


Cebu Province – The Hinglas Farmers Association is creating a new trend of aquaculture in their community. In the mountainous region of the municipality of Sogod, this group of farmers was granted a farming project by a pooled resource from various stakeholders. The farmers are fostering a tilapia (cichlid fish) fishpond.


The local government of Sogod, with the support of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and World Vision granted a demo farm project to the association, which commenced last May.


The project granted the farmers 5,000 fingerlings as a business capital. Using a vacant lot borrowed from one of the residents, the group cultivated a fishpond with a size close to 300 square feet.



The group is also planting root crops and vegetables to increase their earning.


“We are privileged to receive the fishpond project,” expressed Lourdes Montecillo, the chairman of the farming association.


Lourdes also shared that the members are working diligently to take care of the fishpond, which has a target harvest date in October. Every Saturday, the members meet to tend to their demo farm.



“After our first harvest, we plan to keep our income and use it to develop our farm,” said Lourdes. “The association is dedicated to sustain this project as a way of our gratitude to the donors.”


World Vision is supporting farmer groups in many areas in the Philippines by providing livelihood opportunities and improving their farming capacities.World Vision/October 4, 2017


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