Children learn COVID-19 prevention through storybook and play cards

A total of 3,691 children from the municipalities of Sogod, Tabogon, Compostela, and Liloan in northern Cebu province received World Vision activity packs that will teach them how to stay healthy during this pandemic.

Each activity pack consists of a small radio, COVID-19 reading materials, a storybook, a set of play cards and school supplies.

The children can play with the play cards, which include a sheet of game instructions, while learning about the many ways in keeping a healthy body. Meanwhile, the storybook shares an engaging story about a child who is a wannabe superhero and her fight against a threatening virus.

A small transistor radio can also be used by the entire family especially in receiving news about important COVID-19 updates. Parents who never owned a radio in their entire life were astonished to know that they’re getting one from the pack.

World Vision also added a set school supplies such as notebooks, paper, and pen that will be useful for the children in the upcoming school opening.

Trisha shares that she reading the storybook. “I can relate to Mikmik and I learned an important lesson from her story,” the 9-year-old girl says. While Trisha’s cousin, Kim, says that the play cards are fun to play with because of its attractive cartoon drawings and engaging game.

For Racquel, Trisha’s mother, she says that it is also important for people to receive information during this time of uncertainty. “The radio will be very helpful for us to receive news about COVID-19 especially now that the virus is still threatening lives,” she expresses.

To date, World Vision in the Philippines has reached more than 5 million individuals with its COVID-19 Emergency Response. Of this number, 1.2 million are children. Assistance includes provision of school supplies, relief goods, cash, protective equipment for frontliners and tents for isolation units.