Start with one – how a partner grew his giving to 15 sponsored children

In 2008, William Bayot came across a World Vision booth in the mall while shopping with his then-fiancee (and now wife). William has already heard of World Vision but wanted to stop and learn more. After a few minutes, he decided to become a child sponsor. “Impulse lang (it was just an impulse),” he admits. “I said I’ll give it a try.”

What was first an impulsive decision became a life-long commitment. To date, William has sponsored 12 children, and is actively sponsoring 15 children now. He saw how World Vision impacted the lives of its beneficiaries, and slowly sponsored more children through the years. “With my first child, hindi ko naisip na magiging long-time supporter ako ng World Vision (I didn’t think I would become a long-time supporter of World Vision),” William shares.

Sponsoring so many children may look challenging, but William says it’s about setting a budget and a system. “Tuwing sumasagi sa isip ko na lumalaki na yun budget sa sponsorship, iniisip ko nalang (Every time it crosses my mind that the budget for sponsorship is growing, I simply think) – what’s 25 pesos a day to save a child?”

His continuous giving was inspired by his mom, who taught them to give back to the community. “Kahit hindi kami ka well-off that time (Even though we were not very well-off that time), she made it a point to set aside a certain amount of money for charity work,” William shares. “Kapag nahirapan siya (If she struggles), she’ll still find a way to help.” That spirit of giving lives on with William, who continues to be a World Vision child sponsor.

The pandemic may have changed many people’s circumstances, but William didn’t let it affect his sponsorship. “For many of us, continuing support may deplete our savings,” he explains. “But for the kids and their families, it may be life-changing. Life is more than goals and status. At the end of the day, what matters are the lives you changed with your little act of kindness.”

One of the most rewarding things about sponsorship is seeing the outcomes. “I had sponsored a child who graduated top of her class,” William shares. “The feeling that you are part of their journey is priceless. Seeing kids graduate is like giving someone a new life. It’s hoping you’ve helped them succeed and break free from poverty.”

William challenges fellow World Vision sponsors to expand their pledge and include another child this year. “Start the year right, start by doing good,” he encourages. “For sure, you’ll feel the happiness and satisfaction of helping others. Seeing their transformation and their progress is really rewarding.”


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