Lemuel dreams big for his family


Lemuel was born into this world without knowing his father.

His parents separated when he was still inside his mother’s womb. He was raised by his mother for 10 years before she decided to work in Manila to earn more money.

Lemuel’s mother has been away for two years already. His grandmother, Rosita, takes care of him along with his two younger cousins. They all live together in a humble abode in a rural part of Bohol province in the Philippines.

“I didn’t know my father. I didn’t have the chance to meet him as far as I can remember. But that’s okay for me because I have my mother who works hard to provide for me,” he shares.

At the age of 12, he is already a hardworking grandson and a caring ‘big brother’ to his cousins. Everyday, he goes out to feed the chicken and pasture their goats and cow.

After his breakfast, he studies his lessons and answer his tests. Now in his 6th grade, Lemuel is taking the modular classes provided by the government after physical classes are prohibited because of the pandemic.

“I miss going to school and play with my classmates but I know it is not safe to go outside,” he explains. “Sometimes, I also help Abigail, my cousin, to answer her modules.”

He also helps his grandmother tend their vegetable farm by toiling the soil and harvesting the products. Rosita and her husband Narcisso earn from selling the vegetable plants and crops such eggplant, peanut, and corn.

In the afternoon, Lemuel also helps in making food delicacies out of his grandmother’s crops such as rice cake and banana cue. Rosita then sells the delicacies around the village to earn additional income.

“I am thankful to my grandparents who are taking care of me while my mother is away. I love them very much,” says the grateful boy.

Lemuel also feels well-supported even though his family is not complete because of the support he receives from World Vision.

As a sponsored child, he receives educational support like school supplies while his grandmother, an active community volunteer, also receives livelihood opportunities and training.

Lemuel is also thankful to his World Vision sponsor who gives him gifts that is beyond the monthly pledge. He receives new clothes, toys, and a bicycle.

The young boy feels blessed that there are many people who support him. “I want to be successful someday so I can repay the sacrifices of my grandparents and mother and to make my sponsor proud,” he shares.



Child Sponsorship is more than just a monetary contribution. It brings Hope, Joy and Justice to vulnerable Filipino children. When you become a child sponsor, you are embarking on a mission to help empower the disadvantaged, respond to their most immediate needs when disasters happen, make health and education accessible for children, lead communities toward self-sufficiency through livelihood opportunities, and so much more. You do not just impact a child, you impact his or her community.