Children develop self-awareness while in quarantine

A total of 184 youth and children in Aklan have developed a better sense of self awareness and other learning after completing the World Vision’s Life Skills workbook.

Life Skills training has been one of World Vision’s flagship projects under its Education program. During the previous years, participants would convene for 2-3 days to undergo the training. But because of the pandemic, the organization adapted to the new normal and sent out workbooks so that the participants can learn from their homes or with their neighbor.

To equip children with personal skills that will enable them to cope with the demands of everyday life and to build self-confidence, encourage critical thinking, foster independence and help them to communicate more effectively are the objectives of the said training

The participants started the activity in August and completed the required task of the workbook a month after. The workbook is designed to cater to different age groups. For example, children who are 6-11 years old learned about Essential Life Skills which encompass critical thinking, emotional management, and communication skills among others. While youth with 11-18 years of age knew more about healthy lifestyle, entrepreneurial, resilience skills and many more.

“We saw the need of children especially in this difficult situation where they cannot go out and play. This activity enables the children and youth to be productive at home and bond with their family because some of the sessions are about personal growth and development,” shares Wenna Mae Manares. “We also included COVID-19 awareness materials in the workbook so that they will know how to protect themselves from the pandemic,” Manares adds.

The Life Skills training is also designed to help youth prepare as they transition to become productive adults in their chosen career.

“As a child, it is important for me to be ready and equipped in overcoming obstacles that I will face in the future. This will also help me to become a person that is valuable to society, respectful, and God-fearing,” shares Vivian, 15 years old.