The promise of finishing school


Malipayon ko nga isa ko sa mga bata nga gapaabot sa mga libreng gamit gikan sa mga sponsors. Tungod nila naa koy nindot nga gamit sa school (I’m happy that I’m one of the children who will receive learning materials from our sponsors. Because of them, I have nice things for school),” Manuel said with a shy smile.


Manuel, the then 9-year-old kid from North Cotabato, has changed a lot since we featured him in our Back-to-School campaign last year. Sporting a blue and green polo paired with denim shorts and slippers, Manuel sat comfortably on a wooden material he uses to gather firewood. He carefully laid out his notebooks, proudly showing his progress in school.


“I want to be an engineer someday. Aron mapahimuan nakog nindot nga balay akong lola, papa og akong igsoon (I want to build a beautiful house for my grandmother, father, and brother).”


Manuel’s father works as a carpenter. At best, his father earns P200 a day. At worst, he barely earns a centavo. Since his mother left them a few years ago, Manuel’s grandmother was left to take care of him and his younger brother.



“Gapaningkamot ko aron paghuman nako og skwela, makabalos ko sa akong papa og lola sa ilang pag-antos og pagpaningkamot nga kami mapadako nga maayo (I work hard so that when I finish my studies, I can repay my father and grandmother for enduring and striving to raise us well),” Manuel thoughtfully shared.


Manuel ranked 6 in the previous grading. One of his teachers described him as obedient and hardworking.


When asked for his advice to children his age, he said, “Magtinarong eskwela. Magtuon jud maayo aron pagabot sa panahon makatabang sila sa ilang ginikanan sa ilang kalisod (Take your education seriously. Study well so when the time comes, you can help your family in their hardships).”


Manuel is one of the 33,000 children who received learner’s kits from World Vision’s generous sponsors and donors last year. They received notebooks, pad papers, pens, and other materials they needed for school.


This year, World Vision aims to inspire more children to finish their education with Lead a Child campaign. More information regarding this will be released in the following weeks. World Vision/April 2, 2017


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