Passion or Career: The story of a Former Sponsored Child turned dance guru

Passion and a sustainable career doesn’t often go hand in hand most of the time. A painter might need to find a day job to fund his craft  ora photographer chooses to become an 8-to-5 employee to earn instead of opening a studio. But for Adrian, he believes that he is blessed to have a career that supports his lifelong passion.

Born and raised in an urban city of Iloilo, Adrian’s younger years were tough. His family wasn’t that well off which fueled him to excel at school. World Vision’s sponsorship program also helped him thrive in his studies.

“Actually, I discovered my passion because I was sponsored child. I participated World Vision activities where there were plenty of dancing,” shared the 28-year-old young professional. “Sundance, buttercup, and chicken dance were the most popular songs that we danced to. I learned how to dance along with my fellow sponsored children.”

Seeing education as the key to success, Adrian’s family encouraged him to enroll in a course that offer better opportunities. He studied Nursing and even passed the board exam. But he didn’t pursue it as a career.

“Being a nurse is a noble profession but I realized that it wasn’t for me,” said Adrian. “I risked following my passion in dancing. I ventured in the big city of Manila to apply as a dance instructor.”

Through his perseverance, Adrian was accepted as a dance instructor in a big TV station. He trained some popular celebrities which he considers his biggest achievement so far. He also accepted other freelance jobs such as a graphic designer and an IT person.

He knew that he was doing right with his career when an international school based in Laos offered him a job as a dance teacher last 2018. Without hesitation he accepted it.

When asked about what he can advise to his fellow young professionals, he shared to not be afraid to take risk. “When you are passionate about your work, you can reach greater heights,”

Adrian owes his success to his World Vision sponsor who supported him during his formation years. “The best gift I received from my sponsor is not the material things but the opportunity where I discovered my talent. I will forever cherish it,” he said.

World Vision’s sponsorship program continues to transform lives of children and their community.