Mother keeps children healthy amidst quarantine; daughter writes heartfelt letter


When 38-year-old Jasmine heard the news in January about a spreading virus, her instinct kicked in. She thought of protecting her three daughters by keeping them healthy. She and her husband planted more seeds in their vegetable garden. Later on, they discovered that it was a wise move.

Fast forward to May, the country is in a standstill after major provinces – including Jasmine’s hometown – declared community quarantine. Livelihoods are affected and families have to rely support from the government.

For Jasmine and her family, the vegetable garden became their mode of survival. It is where they get ingredients for their daily vegetable meals. They also sell some of their produce to the local market and earn income for other basic needs.

“As a mother, I have the responsibility to take care of my family especially now that there is a pandemic,” shares Jasmine. “I let my children eat vegetables everyday so that their immune system will remain strong.”

This Mother’s day, her family wants to pay tribute because of her sacrifice and hard work. One of her daughters, A-jie, writes a heartfelt letter to her Mama Jasmine.

“You have been my voice of reason, my greatest fan, and my life mentor,” the daughter wrote. “I wish that you will always be safe. I love you.”

Let’s celebrate the life of Jasmine and to all mothers who unconditionally love and protect their family especially now that a pandemic is happening. Happy mother’s day to you!

Read A-jie’s letter:


Thank you A-jie for sharing your heartwarming letter!