PNP Lt. Gen. Eleazar experiences the joy of child sponsorship through World Vision

Christmas this year became more meaningful for Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief of Directorial Staff Lieutenant General Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar as he signed up to be a sponsor of four children through World Vision.

Eleazar grew up in a family that values Christmas traditions such as eating together during Noche Buena and giving ‘aguinaldos’ as children sing Christmas carols. He saw his sponsorship thru World Vision as a way of honoring their family’s traditions.

“I discovered the opportunity to somehow ‘adopt’ children through World Vision this Christmas. Like what you said, even in a small amount of 25 Pesos per day or 750 Pesos per month, we can help them through community development programs, and assist the children and youth to have good education, and even provide livelihood for their parents”, shared PNP Lt. Gen. Eleazar.

During the course of his different assignments in the field, before in the Armed Forces of the Philippine and now in the PNP, he realized that there’s a lot that he can still do for his kababayans.

“I just want to make myself available (so that I can) continue helping people that need assistance and support from people like us who have the capacity to help,” Eleazar said.

Last September of this year, while Eleazar was still chief of the National Capital Region Police Office, he supported World Vision and the Department of Education’s Brigada Pagbasa, a nationwide reading movement for children. Through the PNP’s community affairs program, he led in advocating for the improvement of reading literacy amongst learners.

Eleazar said that through World Vision’s child sponsorship program, he is able to help these children and their families achieve sustainability, honing their potentials so they can become good contributors in the society in the future.

“I consider (these sponsored children) as my second children, and until I am able, I hope to continue supporting them”, expressed Eleazar.

Transformational development happens only when we are able to help communities become a better place for children to grow up in. We thank Lt. Gen. Eleazar for believing in the potential of the most vulnerable children. This is deeply appreciated”, said World Vision Executive Director Rommel Fuerte


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