Look forward to who you’ll become: A Sponsored Child Story

Trixie lives a simple life in the southern part of Cebu province. She has one younger sibling. Her father works as an elected leader in their community while her mother owns a small eatery near their home. The 17-year-old youth is already in her 11th grade in Senior High.

Trixie has been a sponsored child since she was still in her primary school. She shares that her sponsorship experience impacts her life positively. “My sponsor is my inspiration. He blesses me even though he has his own family. I am amazed by his generosity,” says Trixie.

World Vision provides school supplies to Trixie every school year. This lessened the expenses of Trixie’s parents, which they used for other necessities. Trixie also received 5 cash gifts from her sponsor throughout her sponsorship journey. She uses these cash gifts to buy more school materials, personal needs and grocery for her family.

“To my sponsor, thank you for everything. I am very blessed that you are my sponsor. Without you, I will not become who I am today,” shares the sponsored child.

Trixie hopes that she will finish her studies and achieve her dream as an accountant. “I will study hard as a way of gratitude to my sponsor. God bless to him and his family,” she further shares.


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