Learning to save at an early age

At an early age, Kevin has already made it a habit to save.

The ten-year-old active young boy is the third child among four siblings. His mother works at a water refilling station and his father works at a construction company.


“When he wants something, he really saves for it,” says Kevin’s mother.

“One day, he said, ‘Ma, I want to buy a bicycle and so he saved for it. He really wanted to have a bicycle, that’s why with the piggy bank from World Vision, all the gift money he received from our relatives, he saved in there,” she shares.

At an early age, Kevin learned the value of saving so he doesn’t always have to ask his parents for the things he wants. When he got his own bicycle, he was really happy and became even more motivated to continue saving.

“Aside from the bicycle, I also bought a ball. I enjoy sports like basketball and soccer,” shares Kevin when asked what else he bought with his savings.

Kevin recently joined a basketball game in their town.

“Whenever he buys food from his savings, he also shares it, especially with his younger sister,” says Kevin’s mother.

Kevin’s mother is also a member of CoMSCA or Community-Managed Savings and Credit Association, a World Vision program that promotes savings in the community.

“Me and my husband use our income first for our children’s basic needs that’s why CoMSCA is really helpful after a year when we’re able to get our annual savings, I bought rice, things here at home, and our children’s school materials,” she adds.

Although Kevin’s parents prioritize their basic needs, being the goal-setter that he is,  when he sets his eyes on something, he is also determined to get it.