Jessa’s gift to her sponsor


Surigao City, where World Vision works, is abundant in mineral reserves including gold, iron, copper and nickel. The village of Togbongon, marked by rolling hills of coconut trees in its eastern and western boundaries, is a 5-kilometer ride away from the hustle and bustle of the town proper.


This is where World Vision sponsored child Jessa and her family live.


Jessa shares that World Vision has been a big help to her family. She also looks forwards to gifts that she has been receiving from World Vision. “I have been a sponsored child since I was eight years old. Before that, I would use old notebooks that have blank pages. But since I became a sponsored child, I received many new things, new notebooks, bags and uniforms.”



But out of all the things that she receives, what she usually looks forward to is a letter from her sponsor. “Every time I write to my sponsor I excitedly wait for a response. One time my sponsor wrote me a letter telling how proud and happy they are that I have been doing well in my studies.”



Jessa took to heart the encouragement from her sponsor. She persevered more to get good grades and awards. She got another class medal, became the Christmas Princess second runner-up and won another second in a running competition. “My sponsor’s letters have become my inspiration. I study hard so their money spent for me will not put to waste. I want to make them happy by showing them that I value their help by being a good student. It’s the only gift I can afford to give to my sponsor.”


Young as she is, Jessa knows the importance of education. “Without education I will be nothing. My parents say that education is the only thing that will set me apart from other children.” World Vision



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