It’s Juliet’s turn

By Kimberly Gutierrez
World Vision Communications Intern

For some children, June means going back to school—a time for new notebooks, new pens, new bags, new uniforms, and new shoes. To Juliet Melindo’s family, June is everything except for a good harvest. As she took big steps towards the school that was kilometers away, Juliet promised herself that someday, she would go farther away.

“Before I became a sponsored child, my family [relied in] cultivating our little farm in which we are just tenants. We don’t have any other ways of living other than planting rice and corn good for our own consumption,” Juliet shared. Everything changed through the assistance of World Vision. Through World Vision’s economic development programs, Juliet’s family received capital to start their chicken livelihood. The family was able to provide their daily needs and support the children’s weekly allowances and other expenses in school which was not covered by the scholarship program.

“World Vision’s programs and projects helped me a lot. The trainings and seminars that I’ve attended moulded me to be a good leader and a better person,” Juliet said.

Now, Juliet wakes up to that promised day, every day. A licensed teacher, a community volunteer, and a former SK chairman in their barangay, Juliet is also an officiating member of UFTDI College Scholar Circle (UCSC)— a group of former World Vision scholars supporting their co-registered children.

With the organization’s goal to support students to finish college, Juliet knew it was her turn to give back the love she received as a former scholar. “We had fund raising activities like Christmas carolling [and] selling candles during All Soul’s Day; we also conducted raffles and fun runs just to support them. With all those struggling activities we had, five scholars were able to graduate from college also with the support of UFTDI family.”

Juliet is currently working as program officer of World Vision, where she continues to advocate for children’s welfare. “I am heartily inviting you to be a World Vision child sponsor. I have a transformed life through World Vision Sponsorship and in return, I am now starting to be a child sponsor. A little amount you share will surely be a great help to our poor but deserving children in the community.”

Truly, Juliet has gone a long way from those single, big steps she took towards the school that was kilometres away. A licensed teacher, a community volunteer, a former SK chairman, and soon-to-be sponsor— she chooses to give back to their community every time she can, because it’s Juliet’s turn.