Importance of Emergency Shelter Kit on rainy season


Evelyn, 41 has seven children. They can no longer go back to their house which was totally damaged by the successive quakes. Her husband’s work was also disrupted. Since the earthquake happened, the family has been taking refuge in a school-based evacuation center, using donated tarps as their temporary shelter. The tarps are not enough though. When it rains, the children have to huddle on the other side of the tent to avoid getting soaked in rainwater.

World Vision, through its generous donors, provided the family and earthquake-affected families with an emergency shelter kit that contains two tarps (4×6 meters in size) and rope. Aside from that, they also received hygiene kit, clean water kit (jerry can, water purifier packets, filtering cloth, pail) and non-food items (blanket, mosquito net, plastic mat). Her children also participated in World Vision’s child-friendly space which was set up to provide the children with psychosocial support and help them cope with the distress caused by the disaster.

Everyone can make a huge difference in ensuring that the most vulnerable sectors will have the capacity to recover from the impact of a disaster. Disasters may be inevitable, but we can be ready and be proactive in managing disaster risks.

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