Impact and Value: World Vision and TravelBook PH work together to inculcate the love of reading among pre-school students.


TravelBook PH and World Vision Philippines have partnered to launch the “Culture of Reading” or CoR in the province of Isabela wherein teachers, parents and communities are trained and guided to better support the initiative on inculcating the love of reading among children starting from the pre-school age.

The project kicked off with a formal Culture of Reading training last January 30-31, 2018 which was attended by 29 participants (11 teachers from Cordon and nearby schools, 15 independent reader students, 2 barangay council members who head the Education Committee, and the Department of Education District Supervisor, Mr. Honofre M. Gelacio).,

TravelBook PH as World Vision’s funding partner provided the participants and schools with resources to improve the early-grade reading and trainings. Apart from the trainings, participants were also encouraged to make big storybooks in their local language which were presented and also critiqued by the group for improvement.

“This project is of great help to teachers, parents, and most especially to our young learners. I also thank all the parents who are constantly involved in the proper rearing of the learners and their guidance in order that their children as young as they are, they are now reading.” Mr. Honofre M. Gelacio, Department of Education District Supervisor said.

The implementation of the project has made a great impact on the lives of 160 kindergarten pupils in one of the Elementary Schools in Cordon.

“Thank you so much to World Vision and TravelBook, with all your great help to our school and choosing us as your recipients. You all made my dream come true for my young learners to know how to read easily. It also made me proud of my job and to love my job more as well as my dear young learners.” Teacher Carol shares.

Thanks to TravelBook PH, the children also received the “Bilis sa Pagbasa ng Batang Isip-Pinoy (BIPBIP) workbook and other learning materials.

Aside from the positive feedback of the children, the enthusiasm of the parents also became an indicator that they appreciate and enjoy the teaching and learning sessions.

“Ma’am, natutuwa ako sa anak ko kasi dati hindi ko siya mapabasa, hirap akong turuan siyang bumasa pero dahil po Ma’am sa tulong ninyo at sa paggamit niya ng bagong libro na yung BIPBIP po, nakakabasa na siya ngayon Ma’am at hindi lang nakakabasa, mabilis na siya makabasa.” From one of the parent.

World Vision and TravelBook PH hope that parents will continue to monitor their children’s progress in reading.

Participants really enjoyed storytelling activities using storybooks and the big books in their local language.

Through the said initiative and encouragement from the teachers, the BIPBIP workbook and big storybooks are identified to be an effective way to engage the pupils and motivate them to love and enjoy reading. The book contains lessons about improving skills and understanding  Filipino values like respect, acceptance, following rules and guidelines, caring for others, honesty, and self-expression. As a result, 80 pupils or 50% of the participants are identified as fast readers, while 48 pupils are identified as syllable readers, and 32 pupils can recognize the alphabet.

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