Youth leader launches DIY project to protect his community  

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the Philippines, donations poured to families especially those who belong in the low-income class. However, these donations are mostly limited to cash and food supply. A young man from a rural town in Aklan addresses this concern by providing protection kits to the villagers.

Raffy, the chairperson of their village’s Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) roster, led the launching of the Do-It-Yourself Hand Disinfectant and Washable Mask Project. An SK officer is an elected government youth leader. Raffy used his position to mobilize other youth and available fund to make homemade protection kits.

“During this time of crisis, I realized that I have an opportunity to lead other people to do something to fight COVID-19,” he shared. “I stepped up and launched this project so that the residents can protect themselves from the virus.”

Raffy’s project is proven helpful to families especially that many of them can’t afford to protection kits.

To avoid crowding, Raffy and his colleagues distributed the protection kits house to house. Each family received a set of hand disinfectants and washable face masks. They also share about COVID-19 awareness to the families while distributing.

In making the hand disinfectant, Raffy and his team followed the official instructions shared by the Department of Health, the government’s health bureau.

While serving his community, Raffy recalls his experiences while volunteering to World Vision. “Way back in 2009, I used to assist World Vision activities for the children here in our town. I also learned a lot about community service and leadership through the many WV trainings. I can say that who I am today as a public servant is a result of my participation with the organization.”

World Vision salutes Raffy’s leadership during this time of crisis.