Growing up with World Vision

Growing up with World Vision Crizzene is a World Vision baby.

Meet Crizzene.
Crizzene is a World Vision baby.

She was only three when she became part of World Vision’s sponsorship program. “She’s our joy. As you can see from her photos, she loved anything in bright color,” her mother, Hannah, recalls. While she considered Crizzene as one of her greatest blessings, Hannah and her husband had to make ends meet to provide for their baby’s needs.

“I was only 21 then. We were a young family when she came. My husband’s income was barely enough to support us but her sponsor’s gifts were helpful especially in times when we could hardly buy things for Crizzene,” she shares.

One of World Vision sponsorship program’s unique features is for sponsors to nurture a mutually transforming relationship with his or her sponsored child. He/she can write letters and send gifts to the child, which is facilitated by World Vision. Sponsors also get updates about their sponsored child through the annual progress reports sent through the mail. It contains the child’ s latest photo, average grade, community updates and message from him or her.

Growing up with World Vision Crizzene is a World Vision baby.
Now at 6, Crizzene has grown and her Mom Hannah can’t believe how time flew so fast. Crizzene is her ball of sunshine and when they look eye to eye, there’s an instant connection that only a mother and daughter can understand. Hannah also sees her love for dancing and it shows every time Crizzine’s teacher in kindergarten asks the class to dance.

She can be very shy at first but when she warms up, she’s a star. “I also like it when the teacher teaches us to write and read,” she says while showing the pages of her notebook.

Now that Crizzene is studying, she is also experiencing the benefit of WV’s community-based solution. Sponsorship funds are pooled together for maximum impact to fund programs that benefit sponsored children and their community. That includes Crizzene’s school in Misamis Oriental which was provided with storybooks, ceiling fans, kiddy chairs, megaphone, among others.

“Aside from the fact that Crizzene is also now enjoying all these, it feels good to see that other children who do not yet have sponsors are also benefiting. I am grateful for how World Vision has been part of her life starting when she was just a baby until now that she’s starting to walk towards her dreams,” says Hannah.

Crizzene hopes to become a nurse one day.

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