From a shy girl to an elected youth leader and an aspiring teacher

Grace was a very shy girl. She could still remember that she would tremble in front of her classmates during class presentations. But that was 10 years ago. When she was chosen as a sponsored child, her life turned around positively.

19-year-old Grace is part of the 1st batch of sponsored children in their community. The activities she attended were new experiences for her but also memorable ones. She remembered that she joined a summer camp and it was the first time that she gained confidence in talking in front of many people. She learned how to socialize with other children and she practiced how her speaking and listening skills. During her sharing, a World Vision staff identified her as a budding leader and invited her to more activities. This led to Grace harnessing her potential. Now, she is an elected youth chairman in their community.

Her role is to provide projects and activities that benefit the children and youth. She is thankful to World Vision for equipping her to become an effective leader. “The organization taught me how to be brave in going out of my comfort zone, to have a positive mentality and the importance of maintaining good relationship with people,” Grace shares.

Grace also aspires to become a teacher. She says that being a teacher is an opportunity to mold young lives. “I pursue teaching because I also want to touch the lives of children same as how World Vision improved mine,” she says.

Every child deserves a full life. Join us and make a difference.



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