Formerly top ranked municipality on malnutrition rate curbs the health issue; now at 12th place

The municipality of Estancia in Iloilo province had been a hotspot of malnutrition cases among children. For the last three years, from 2014-2016, the municipality was ranked as top 1 with the highest case of malnutrition among all municipalities in Iloilo province (Estancia Rural Health Unit Data).

Janiella used to be underweight. She joined the World Vision’s nutrition project with 13 kilograms — a below-average weight. After the 3-month nutritional feeding, she has recovered to a healthy weight of 16 kilograms.

This is the issue that World Vision identified as it implemented its nutrition program in the municipality. With its Pinoy Nutrition Hub (PNH) approach, it empowers the community, teaches mothers with health-seeking behaviors and rehabilitates malnourished children with balanced meal feeding.

“World Vision is concern with the welfare of children that is why the organization is helping the government subdue health issues affecting children,” shared Cherry Mae Dorado, World Vision Programme Officer.

Just this year, there are 58 malnourished children who graduated from the PNH program. 60% of which have gained at least 400 grams while 40% (24 kids) are totally rehabilitated.

This year also, the municipality successfully improved to the 12th rank on malnutrition scale.

One child who was totally rehabilitated through PNH is Janiella. Her mother observed that she lacked appetite before and she was sickly.

She was enrolled in PNH early last year. She joined with a below normal weight of 13 kgs. After 3 months, she graduated with 16 kilograms.

Janiella also regained her appetite. She is again performing well at school.

“I dream for my children to become successful in life and they can only do that with a healthy body,” shares Lindy, the mother of Janiella.

World Vision’s nutrition program, which is named as Pinoy Nutrition Hub, teaches parents how to prepare healthy, balanced meals using local resources – they were also taught how to cultivate organic gardening.

Written by Mong Jimenez, World Vision/October 16, 2018

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