Family bonds closer thanks to spiritual nurture activity

Jia, 13 years old, can see the vivid contrast of what her family before compared to now after they attended World Vision’s Fambam activity.

Fambam is a 1-day spiritual nurture activity where the families of World Vision sponsored children come together to bond. During the activity, the family play games, read Bible scriptures together, share stories, and reconnect with each other. Following a module, the activity allows the families to heal emotional wounds, restore broken relationships, and bring the family closer.

For Jia and her family, the activity was a way for them to learn how to treat each other well. Before, Jia and her two siblings always fought and throw hateful words. The siblings learned during the Fambam that these words cause a lot of pain. They promised to never bad mouth each other again.

For Jia’s parents, Hillodoro and Jenny, they commit to settle their misunderstandings by talking gently to each other. The father also minimizes his alcohol intake which was mostly the cause of their quarrels.

“With my family being closer compared before, our home becomes a place of positivity,” shares the young girl.

Jia is an aspiring flight stewardess and she is confident that her ambition is achievable because she has a supportive family who encourages her to excel at school.