Demo Farm ensures sustainability of a Community-based Organization

The Pangkaunlaran Development Association, Inc. (PDAI) has been present in the Isabela province for around 30 years already. Its aim is to provide development projects to its members, especially in the agricultural sector, to improve their economic status.

World Vision also opened its development project in the province 10 years after PDAI was established. Both agreed to seal a partnership to improve its support for the members.

Through the years, many lives were improved. World Vision’s child sponsorship and technical program and PDAI’s community engagement and empowerment complemented well that resulted to families living a more comfortable life.

As World Vision concludes its project in the province this year, PDAI continues its commitment in serving the community – especially now that they are more equipped with the help of World Vision.

One of the main projects being prioritized by PDAI is the Pangkaunlaran Resource and Learning Center. It is a 2.3-hectare land that was converted to a demo farm. It is where academic institutions, similar organizations, and government agencies can practice organic farming and other agricultural inputs.

The area is still in its establishing phase. Construction of a 3-story building is planned in the vicinity to house learning halls, a market space, and guest accommodation. For now, the center houses grown trees such as Mahogany, Coconut and tree seedlings, fruits, and livestock such as pigs and goats.

PDAI also partnered with Isabela State University that resulted in a donation of farm types of machinery such as a tractor, cultivator and many more, that will be used during learning sessions. The university also commits to support the marketing of farm products by PDAI members.

“We are already registered with the Department of Trade and Industry or DTI. We practice organic farming because we are advocates of good health and it is also easy to market our products since most people nowadays are more health conscious especially on their food intake,” shares Ganson Riñon, a PDAI staff.

Ganson also believes that Demo Farm is a key project that will ensure the sustainability of PDAI. “Our center will be our main source of income that will fuel our development operations as we continue our work in Isabela,” he says. “World Vision plays a major role in the establishment of this center.”

It is definite proof that World Vision’s work in Isabela is a success. The organization’s child-centered advocacies and projects will carry on through the sustainability of partner organization, PDAI.

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