Changed person

Mia, 39, a mother of eight, realized and changed her ways in upbringing her children after being involved in World Vision’s Childhood Rescue Project.

“I am raised by a family where education is not really important. The important thing is you have food to eat and a strong body to do work or find ways to have an income to help for the needs of the family,” she shares.

Mia does laundry and earns between Php200 ($4) to Php500 ($9). Her husband is a motorcycle driver. They recently opened a small fish business as income augmentation so they can provide for the basic needs of their family, especially their 8 children.

When one of her children needed medical treatment due to malnutrition, Mia was introduced to one of World Vision’s Childhood Rescue Project staff in Cotabato City who implements Go Baby Go, which teaches parents and caregivers age-appropriate nurturing care for their children under the age of three.

Mia joined Go Baby Go and was one of the active participants. “My perspective on motherhood changed.  I applied all the techniques and proper ways of caring for a child.

Aside from Go Baby Go, Mia also availed herself of the Childhood Rescue Project’s child protection training where she realized a lot of things about the way she treated her children. Now she teaches her children good manners, considered their children’s rights, and applies proper parenting.

“My message to other parents in the world is to send your children to school, give them a good education. It is their right and the only wealth we can leave to them. Aside from sending them to school, we should also educate them in our home, teach them the proper behavior and hone them to be better individuals. It is normal to discipline them but let’s do it the right way,” she advises.

Childhood Rescue Project is World Vision’s intervention promoting and advocating for child protection and participation in the cities of Marawi and Cotabato.


Together we can protect vulnerable children

Our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith. Together we can protect children today, and empower them for tomorrow.