Brothers enjoy reading ‘Super Mikmik’

Brothers Ivan, 7, and Gio, 3, were giggling while pointing something on the book “Super Mikmik”.

“Super Mikmik” is a story of a child who learns the importance of cleanliness and hygiene amid the coronavirus pandemic. It also highlights the frontline heroes such as doctors who help those who are sick with COVID-19.

Being the eldest brother, Ivan, was teaching Gio how to read, and whenever the latter pronounced the word incorrectly, the boys laugh. Sometimes, they stare longer on a page, looking at the drawings of Super Mikmik.

Afar was their father, Ernie, 48, who works by picking coconut and gets paid at Php7 (less than a dollar) per tree. In a day, he’s able to earn Php200 ($4).

“I want to be a superhero!” says Ivan, imitating Super Mikmik.

Gio looks at his Kuya (eldest brother) and giggles.

Ivan continues, “I learned from Mikmik that children should always wash hands to avoid being sick. And to wear face mask.”

“We should eat vegetables,” Gio adds.

Ivan is currently doing home study, working on modules sent by his teacher through their father or elder relatives.

“I miss school. My classmates, teachers, and learning how to draw,” Ivan says. The child looks forward to days when students like him are allowed to go to school again.

Aside from the book, which the brothers enjoy so much, the family also receives playing cards with COVID-19 information and health protocols, and a radio among others.

World Vision intensified its COVID-19 awareness-raising campaigns starting January 2020. Through this initiative, World Vision reached more than 60,000 individuals within its assisted communities nationwide, especially in rural areas where access to information is limited.

These informative materials also focus on areas of impact to children: health, WASH, disrupted education, and mental and psychological health.

Story and Photo by Jocelyn Maung