Being closer to God – a sponsored child’s story


MALABON — “World Vision was the instrument that brought me Sponsored child shares how being part of World Vision has made her closer to God.loser to God,” so says 14-year-old Kassandra, a World Vision sponsored child.


When she’s not focusing on her studies, Kassandra lends her time to serve in her local church. “I tag along with our local priest to spread the word of God,” she shares.


Apart from her improved relationship with God, Kassandra also credits World Vision for cultivating her to become a child leader.


“Through the seminars and trainings World Vision has conducted, I’m starting to come out of my shell — though I admit there’s still a hint of shyness, I’m starting to become confident when it comes to facing people,” Kassandra says.

Thanks to this improvement, Kassandra adds, she is also able to meet fellow child leaders and befriend them. “I met some fellow child leaders from Manila during a seminar; I also learned a lot from them during the event,” she says.

Kassandra adds that by becoming a child leader, she was also made aware of her rights as a child, such as ways of how to protect oneself such as not talking to strangers, as well as how to protect oneself when imminent danger arises.


Kassandra was 11 years old when she became a sponsored child. In fact, World Vision has had an impact in her family: her older brother is a former sponsored child himself, while their mother serves as a volunteer.


“During the height of the pandemic, I saw my mom go around our community distributing hygiene kits. I laud her for that because she still carried on her duties despite the threat of an unknown virus,” Kassandra says of her mom.

For now, Kassandra admits she still does not know how she sees herself in later years. But one thing’s for sure, she’s hopeful that she would be able to get a stable job, help her family out with finances, and be a better and wiser version of herself.