Children happy to join a postcard painting activity after years in lockdown

Children in a community in Batangas, Philippines, who have been in the restricted movement for two years since the Covid-19 pandemic started, recently joined a World Vision postcard painting activity.

“We hope that this activity will help children be at ease in mingling with other children again or doing group work since all of them have been in lockdown or restricted movement for more than two years,” Douglas Chua, World Vision program manager, says.

The postcard painting activity, sponsored by World Vision Korea, focused on the topic of caring for the environment. Children, aged 9-11, drew what they see and their dreams are for their environment.

“I want to have a clean and beautiful environment,” says Jamyca.

“I dream to plant many trees to avoid landslides and accidents,” says Mara.

“I dream of a clean and safe environment where everyone can enjoy fresh air,” Daryl says.

The activity, held in four separate open-air venues, ensures the practice of basic hygiene protocols such as physical distancing, wearing of face masks, using alcohol, and washing of hands.

“We still want children to be safe from being infected or spread the virus,” Ever Rogero, World Vision program officer, explains.

Three winners for each batch received special prizes such as chess, scrabbles and headphones. Elementary school teachers and principals served as judges. Other children who also joined were given bags of candies as consolation prizes.

“I’m happy to join an activity again,” Justin says.

“I don’t know how to draw but I’m happy I’m here. I get to talk to my classmates whom I have not seen for months,” says Gerald.

Both Gerald and Justin have yet to do a face-to-face class.

The postcards will be given to World Vision sponsors in Korea.