Ameerah is ready for school

Sponsored child Ameerah, 6, immediately wrote a thank you note using the crayons she received from World Vision.

“I love writing and colouring,” she shares.

Ameerah is an incoming Grade 1 student and has always been excited of going to school.

“She is very eager to learn. When her face-to-face class was cut short in March, she would always ask me why she had to stop going to school. I explained the situation, but, that did not take her enthusiasm. She would always go to her siblings and ask them to teach her how to read and write,” says Ameerah’s mom, Sittie.

Ameerah is the youngest among seven. Her father, Abdul, is a construction worker, while her mother is a housewife. Prior COVID-19, the family would have an income of at least Php3000 (USD60) each week.

“When the community quarantine was enforced in Lanao del Norte, my husband could no longer go to other towns to work. His movement was limited within our community and our income was significantly reduced to Php1000 (USD20) weekly,” says Sittie.

“Your support to Ameerah’s education means a lot. While we want to provide what you just gave her, we have to prioritise food,” she adds. Aside from crayons, Ameerah, along with close to a thousand children in their community, also received notebooks, pens, papers, bag and umbrella. World Vision has also been working closely with the schools in Lanao del Norte, to help both teachers and students cope from the pandemic. As schools implement modular learning, the organisation has provided reams of bond papers and printer inks for the production of modules.

“Thank you for my school supplies. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor or a teacher,” Ameerah smiles.