A sponsor’s gift to his sponsored child – water for his school

Love needs to be shared. Sponsored child Brian understands this. When his sponsor gave him a gift, he had his schoolmates in mind.

“Our school has been struggling with water. Often times, we need to go to neighboring houses to fetch water,” he shared.

The school depends on the village for their water supply but, the growing population in the community has slowed down the water coming in.

“This forced us to close some restrooms, lest we compromise the sanitation of the classrooms,” one of the teachers explained.

Meanwhile, for girls like Jeralyn, the lack of water makes her uncomfortable whenever she has her menstruation.

“I need to excuse myself from time to time and go home to wash. It’s hard if we do not have water in school because we are here five days a week,” she explained.

Through the generosity of Brian’s sponsor, a water motor was given to the school which is now being enjoyed by the whole studentry.

“It’s a relief to finally have abundant water in our classroom. We can wash our hand, get water whenever we need it, without having to walk to the neighborhood to fetch water,” said Brian.

He is also grateful that he is able to share the support he gets from his sponsor.

“My sponsor’s generosity taught me to be generous also,” he said.

“Having water means we no longer need to hold our pee. It also means a cleaner environment and safer learning environment for us,” Jeralyn smiled.

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