A mother sees God’s hands for the first time

Consorcia, 45, has recently been accepted as a rural village health worker, a position that entails visiting hundreds of houses every month to check the health status of children.

Though physically tiring, especially if she has to visit a family who lives in the remotest and steepest hill in the village, Consorcia is happy to receive a meager stipend every month to augment for the income her husband, Johnny, 45, earns as a fisherman.

She is not new to doing field tasks. As a World Vision volunteer, Consorcia does similar work in ensuring that every sponsored child in the community goes to school. She has been a World Vision volunteer for nearly five years now and receives no monetary remuneration. Her reason for volunteering, as she puts it, is to simply show her gratitude to God.

Like most mothers, Consorcia also experiences family problems. “A year after my marriage, way back in 2002, my husband was imprisoned after he injured a neighbor with a knife. That was traumatic for me,” she shared.



Pregnant and with no source of income, Consorcia struggled to survive. “I sold pigs just to have food on the table. The profit from selling our pigs was usually stretched for several months. I also sought help from my relatives. But I couldn’t always rely on them because they have their own families to support,” Consorcia shared.

What happened to her family became a topic of conversation among the town’s people, causing her more emotional pain and a low self-esteem. She went through a spiral of emotions, from pain to anger to self-pity.



“I remember those times every now and then, but it was only recently, after attending a World Vision seminar, did I see it in a new perspective,” Consorcia said, referring to the Celebrating Families seminar that World Vision offers to parents to deepen their understanding of responsible parenthood rooted in God’s words.

She continued, “For the first time, I realized how God worked in my life that time. How could I had survived all those if not for Him?”

Consorcia said she has now deeper faith in God now compared before and sees how He works in silent and, oftentimes, mysterious ways.

World Vision/May 29, 2018


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