50 OSY completed vocational programs

Fifty out-of-school youth (OSY) scholars have recently completed their technical-vocational education and training programs from the Technical Education and Skills Development (TESD) office in Lanao del Sur.

“These are youth who either dropped out of school due to financial or family reasons, and those who internally displaced. World Vision and the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education-TESD agreed to help these youth through a memorandum signed last September 2021,” Adonis Casinillo, World Vision’s Urban Child Protection Project Manager, says.

Of the 50 scholars, 25 graduated from the Bread and Pastry Production while the other 25 scholars passed the Electrical Installation and Maintenance. The scholars took the course in 21 and 28 days, respectively.

All 50 scholars are holders of National Certificates (NC) II, which is given to students who passed the test and demonstrated the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their courses. NC level may go up to 5 depending on the holder’s expertise.

“Thank you, World Vision and our teachers! We have happy memories even for a short period of time,” Norhanie Abraham said in her speech during the graduation ceremony held at Cadayon, Marawi City.

“This is a big opportunity for us, OSY, to start anew and get on our feet again. Thank you!” Haffizudin Dirampa said.

In the Philippines, the Philippine Statistics Office reported are nearly 4 million youth aged 6-24 who are OSY, a number that may grow in an alarming scale if left unchecked especially this pandemic.

World Vision has been supporting these OSY by providing them financial assistance such as for their transportation to ensure their complete attendance during trainings. Aside from financial support, World Vision gave them baking tools for those who took the Bread and Pastry Production, and electrical tools for Electrical Installation and Maintenance passers.

“This community outreach program of the MBHTE-TESD Lanao del Sur Provincial Office was driven by our mandate to uplift the lives of the Bangsamaro and the establishment of the foundations of self-governance through moral governance,” Aleida Nameerah Mangata-Noor, Provincial Director of Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education-TESD, said on her social media post.