3,100 families fully equipped against disasters

World Vision culminates its Disaster Ready Family (DRF) training in 11 barangays in Alangalang, Dulag, and Dagami with the distribution of family quick run bags (QRBs). A total of 3,100 families received QRBs including instructional or educational materials, which will aid them in case of disasters.

“I am very thankful to World Vision because the training is a big help to our family. I have learned a lot on what to do before, during, and after disasters, which I haven’t known before. It could have been the reason why we had difficulty during typhoon Haiyan.  At least now, I can say I am ready,” 35-year-old participant Roderick, expressed.

Roderick and his daughter Janelle were glad to receive their quick run bag and see the things inside it. They examined the bag’s content one by one with smiles on their faces.

“I am happy to receive the coloring book and crayons. I can use these at home and if there is a disaster and there is no electricity,” Janelle, 4, said.

The QRB contains a hygiene kit, a first aid kit, a pair of slippers, a whistle, a coloring book, crayons, and a flood warning IEC material. World Vision also provided each of the 11 barangays a tarpaulin of the IEC materials. Each school in the barangays were also given medicine cabinets.

“The aim of the training is to provide awareness on DRR measures to the community members,” explained Reynato Cano, DRR Coordinator.

Cano hopes that whatever the participants learned will be applied and shared with other members of the community.

“One important thing I have learned from the trainers is to teach my children how to prepare for disasters. In case it happens and I am not at home, they will know what to do,” tells Roderick.

“I believe we have accomplished our goal.  Dulag’s MDRRMO recently had a meeting with the Sangguniang Bayan and passed an agreement to conduct the same training that World Vision conducted in the other barangays of their town,” Cano shared.

Typhoon Haiyan Response’s DRR team did not encounter major challenges in encouraging the community members to participate in the trainings. The 95% attendance in the training and drills proved that many were interested and eager to learn more about disaster preparedness.


by Jennina Lanza-Communications Officer/World Vision Typhoon Haiyan Response/January 4, 2017


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