For Current Sponsors

You are now part of an exciting Child Sponsorship journey that has already changed over 2.7 million lives all over the world - children, families, communities, World Vision staff and supporters. Find information about your sponsored child, updates from the field, videos, and photos to help connect you better with what matters to you!


Frequently Asked Questions for Sponsors

Frequently Asked Questions for SponsorsChild sponsorship is an exciting journey of transformation – for the child you’re helping and for you – especially if you use all the tools available to help you bond with your sponsored child.
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Download the Sponsorship Manual

Download the Sponsorship ManualChild Sponsorship is about building relationships - bringing your world and theirs closer together.
Download the Sponsorship Manual

LAKBAY PAG-ASA: Sponsor-Meets-Child Tour

Frequently Asked Questions for SponsorsLAKBAY PAG-ASA: Sponsor-Meets-Child Tour is a Special Group Sponsor Visit that provides more time for the Sponsor and his/her Sponsored Child to get to know each other better and enjoy their time together through prepared group activities.
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Update information/Payment Options

Update information/Payment OptionsChild Sponsorship is about building relationships - bringing your world and theirs closer together.
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Be a World Vision Child Ambassador

Be a World Vision Child AmbassadorThere is so much more in Child Sponsorship than being able to change a child’s life. What makes it more exciting is that the experience also touches the Sponsors’ lives as well. We are inviting you to accept the Child Ambassador challenge of making a difference, sharing the love, and changing lives.
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Send a letter to your sponsored child

end a letter to your sponsored childWhat to say...
  • motivate them to do well in school
  • share happy stories you have experienced
  • impart simple lessons they can treasure as they grow up
  • Talk about you family members, your friends, your interests and anything pleasant they can relate to.
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Connect with your sponsored child 

Through your sponsorship, you are already a big part of your sponsored child’s life. And as much as you want to hear from your sponsored child, they are also very eager to hear from you. We are encouraging you to send them your message now. You can course your email to them through