Working with parents

At World Vision, we don't just help children have access to education. We also equip parents with life skills that will help them support and provide for their children in times of emergencies and for the long term. Here’s how we do it:




Jonathan belongs to one of the poorest families in Negros Occidental. His parents, Nelita and Luciano, only earn $6 a week through farm labor. Despite their challenging situation, Jonathan and his family know that they will thrive because of World Vision. The organization has been supporting Jonathan's education for three years. The family was also blessed with goats as part of a livelihood project. The family plans to earn savings from the livestock business so that they can invest on a carabao (water buffalo). This will boost their income to $5 a day.



Health and Nutrition



Evelyn, a mother of 6, shares that the most important thing she can give to her children is the gift nutrition. “I just wish they would grow up like that so they would stay healthy. It is important for me. I can’t give them that much as a parent but I can always continue to cook nutritious food for them,” the mother says.


With the goal of achieving a healthy lifestyle for the children in the community, World Vision implemented various health programs, including Pinoy Nutrition Hub and backyard gardening, to support the communities and the families provide proper health and nutrition for the kids.



Disaster Preparedness and Response



Parents and their children saw their homes destroyed after Typhoon Haiyan, and their means of earning an income – from fishing – interrupted. Families were without fresh water or food for nearly a week after the storm – the ocean to wavy for any aid organisations to reach this outpost off the tip of northern Cebu. When the ocean calmed, World Vision sailed food aid, hygiene kits, water, shelter kits, and shelter toolkits to the more than 500 island families.



Child Protection



Anna’s* heart was broken when she learned that her husband was sexually abusing her only daughter. But she has to be strong to send her husband to jail and protect her daughter. “Despite what happened, I’m thankful that we have some avenue to heal emotionally and psychologically. Anita* and I joined the healing sessions led by World Vision and other groups. I joined the caregiver development session where I learned more about the child protection issues and what should parents and caregiver do to protect them.” Help end sexual exploitation of children


*Not their real names






Life isn’t that much comfortable for the family of World Vision sponsored child Apolinario. His father, Apolinario Sr., works as a carpenter with only P400 ($8) a day earning while his mother, Edna, is a housewife. However, despite life’s challenges, Apolinario is happy to have a supportive family. He offers his valedictorian award and all his other achievements to his parents. Sponsor children like ApolinarioWorld Vision/June 1, 2017


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