Once a shy girl, Lyn is now a confident leader

A young girl overcame her shyness and became a bright and confident leader in her school.


Like any teenager, Lyn Holy had lots of fears. One of them was stage fright – she used to tremble in panic and fear when she was in front of a huge crowd, especially when she had to present something. Her heart would palpitate and her hands would feel sweaty. Her discomfort would make her stutter and she would end her class presentation on an unimpressive note. 


Lyn had always been a shy girl. The youngest of four children, she lives with her parents and siblings in a rural community in Antique, Philippines. The whole family relies solely on her father’s average income.


Lyn cited that her family’s financial condition was what made her decide to come out of her shell. 


“My father was the only one working for us. Sometimes, his income would only be enough for our food.”


Lyn became motivated. She knew that she should work hard on her studies so she could find a well-paying job to support her parents and the family’s expenses.


She gradually changed during her elementary and high school years. 


From a shy and timid girl, Lyn transformed to an overachieving and confident person – more than what she expected from herself.


Lyn also pointed out that World Vision has been a huge help in her character development.


Ever since World Vision selected her as a sponsored child back when she was in her fifth grade, lots of opportunities have opened up for her, and she grabbed it all.


Lyn participated in many World Vision activities like children congresses, life skills trainings and more. She got to mingle with other children who helped lessen her inhibition to socialize. She also had the chance to become a host on many activities and present in front of hundreds of other children and parents. 



In her academics, Lyn strived hard. As far as she remembered, she ‘never missed an assignment or school project’ when she was in high school. She was also a consistent honor student. Part of her academic success is her motivation to express her gratitude to her sponsor. “I want to show all of my medals and certificates to my sponsor,” she quipped.


As for extracurricular activities, Lyn did not limit herself in just one organization. She became a student leader, a member of the school publication, an athlete of the table tennis team, a consistent school representative in interschool Math contests, and a lead dancer in the school’s dance troupe. 


She juggled her academic and extracurricular activities so well that she graduated high school with flying colors.


Ready for a bigger stage


Confident in her character and capabilities, Lyn Holy mentioned that she is now ready to face college life.


“Some of my friends shared that it is tough to be in college. It is a different world compared to elementary and high school,” Lyn said. “I told them I’m ready for the challenge,” she chuckled with a hint of pride.


Lyn plans to study Bachelor of Science in Arts and Communications and Media Studies in one of the most competitive universities in the Visayas region.