Manila Recruitment partners with World Vision through Child Sponsorship

Seeking to change more lives, the founder and CEO of a recruitment firm brought World Vision’s Child Sponsorship program to his company.

Mr. Matt Pontoles and the Manila Recruitment team hold out their child profiles.


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World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization, has dedicated 59 years in building a better future for Filipino children by confronting poverty and injustice in underprivileged communities. Among its prominent projects is Child Sponsorship, a program enabling kind hearts to help children living in vulnerable conditions—both in urban and rural places—obtain a proper education. 


Matt Pontoles, Founder and CEO of Manila Recruitment, a leading recruitment firm in the Philippines, is among those World Vision has inspired to reach out to children. For two and a half years now, Pontoles has personally sponsored 15-year-old John Paul of Leyte, allowing him to attend school and providing opportunities to meet all that the child needs. 


“I still sponsor him personally to this day, and feel touched by the letters I receive from him. It is truly life-changing to see the difference World Vision is making in his community,” Pontoles relates to how inspiring his experience has been. 


He is moved each time World Vision sends him updates about John Paul and other kids’ progress in their daily lives. In the past, World Vision has witnessed their young beneficiaries grow up to be successful businessmen, and Pontoles hopes the same may happen with John Paul. 


Seeking to change more lives, Pontoles brought World Vision’s Child Sponsorship program to Manila Recruitment. 


“We decided that we wanted to promote the work that World Vision is doing, and to share the experience of sponsoring a child with our recruiters. By sponsoring a child for every recruiter, our commitment to the program grows as does our success,” Pontoles shares. 


The recruitment agency began sponsoring five children in May 2014 and is, to date, helping eight kids have better future. 


For every recruiter Manila Recruitment hires and regularizes, the company reaches out to a child and provides for their schooling. They then encourage their new employees to develop a relationship with their child beneficiary. Furthermore, each year, Manila Recruitment arranges to send Noche Buena gifts to all sponsored children every Christmas.


This year, five more recruiters will soon be regularized and are lined up to sponsor a child. This will bring the company’s total sponsored children to twelve. 


Recently, the company has also joined World Vision’s Back-to-School Campaign wherein sponsors fund a kid’s school needs such as notebooks, pencils, and books. Pontoles and several recruiters from Manila Recruitment have also participated in World Vision’s Run for Health and Nutrition last June 26. They hope to raise more funds for children and promote general awareness to the different issues that plague a child’s health. 



Manila Recruitment is recognized as the leading recruitment firm in the Philippines for headhunting, executive search, expert, technical and IT recruitment. Pontoles and his team have an unrivalled passion to help businesses succeed by understanding their goals, then sourcing and providing them with their number one asset - driven, dedicated and exceptional people! 


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