Hygiene and education needs of Marawi IDPs

Despite the struggles of families displaced by the recent clashes in Marawi City, sisters Jenrose, Stephanie, and Asnaira continue to pursue their love for education.



Despite the struggles of families displaced by the recent clashes in Marawi City, sisters Jenrose, 10, Stephanie, 8, and Asnaira, 7 continue to pursue their love for education.


The girls have enrolled in a public school near the evacuation center after the head teacher announced that the school will accommodate the students affected by the conflict. 


“We still don’t have uniform and school supplies but that’s fine. At least we’re still attending classes,” shares Jenrose. The clash has affected at least 22,000 students and 132 schools.


Their parents, Rosana and Allan couldn’t be more proud with the strength and the determination of their children. 


“We’re coping. We’re trying to make ends meet especially that one of our daughters is seven months pregnant,” shares Rosana. When the family evacuated, they had to rent a small room for their eldest. The rest of their children had to stay in the evacuation centre.



World Vision started distributing emergency relief items today, June 8 to complement the government-led relief efforts. This includes hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear for men and women, bath soap, laundry soap, sanitary pads, nail cutter, malong) and non-food items like blanket, mosquito net and plastic mats. World Vision is also coordinating with the department of education to provide 10 schools with temporary learning space and 18,000 learner’s kits for children.


“I’m excited about the toothbrush and the bath soaps,” giggles Asnaira, who, according to her mother, is very particular with hygiene.World Vision/June 8, 2017


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