Bringing clean water to far-flung communities in the Philippines

All of us need water to survive. Unfortunately, until now, many children and families in far-flung communities in the Philippines still don’t have access to clean and safe water. We want to change this. That is why we work with the local government, our corporate partners, and you, our sponsors and donors, to make clean water more accessible.

On World Water Day, we celebrate the results of the work people do to tackle the water crisis and bring light to just how important safe and accessible water is to everyone.


Source of income. Children in the Doljo region play in the crystal blue waters in the Philippines. Jake and Alvin’s uncle Deodoro is a VisionFund Philippines client. Deodoro helps the entire community by providing jobs and incomes to families through his fishing business.



Floating village. Although families in Sitio Panlabuhan live in a floating village, clean and safe water is still hard to access. In partnership with Procter and Gamble and in coordination with the local government, World Vision provided P&G water purification packets in the school to ensure that children also have access to clean water whenever they are not at home.



Sparkling clean water. France is just one of the many cheerful children in Sta. Rita who feel blessed to have their new water point near their house. "World Vision is a blessing to us. It helps us have access to a nearby faucet where we can fetch water every day without going through muddy paths again." 



No more stomachaches. Sheila and her sister stir the water with P&G purification packets for them to have safe and clean drinking water the next day. “My friends in our neighborhood are always excited to prepare P&G water purification packets. We stir it for five minutes and after few hours we already have clean water. With P&G water purification packets, my siblings and I don’t experience stomachache anymore.”



Keeping children safe. "This has been helpful to all of us in the village. As a mother, I am at peace knowing that my children have safe drinking water." Aside from drinking water, Liway also puts P&G water purification packets in the water that she uses to bathe her children, especially her youngest, Xyrill. 



Closing the distance. Friends Anna, Farra, and Isabelle enjoy washing their hands through a faucet. World Vision, in partnership with the local government of Misamis Occidental, put up a water system project to address the main issue on water. Before, the residents had to walk 4 to 5 kilometers to get drinking water from a deep well. 



Goodbye, long lines. “I no longer go late to school because we have a water faucet outside our home. We used to walk far, carrying some gallons of water for drinking, taking a bath, and washing our utentils or clothes. And it’s bad because the queue is long. We have to wait for longer hours just to get water. I’m thankful it’s very easy for us to get water now,” says Angelie, 8 years old.World Vision/March 22, 2017



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