12 ways to make the 12 months of 2017 better

This 2017, we challenge you to not only be a better version of yourself but to also be a blessing to others.


New years are when we are most inspired to start fresh. It is a reminder that we always have the chance and the choice to make ourselves better. It is also the time for making New Year's resolutions and setting goals. This 2017, we challenge you to not only be a better version of yourself but to also be a blessing to others.



Oftentimes, we find ourselves coming across stories of children who walk for hours just to reach school or families who were displaced by a disaster. Oftentimes, we wish that we can do something to help. This year, stop wishing and start doing. It all begins when you decide that YOU can be the person who can make a difference in other people's lives.



Write a short message to someone to remind them that they are loved. Your note could be for anyone whom you want to encourage: a colleague, your suki in the wet market or even your sponsored child.



Align yourself with a cause you strongly believe in and bravely speak up about it.



Selling halo-halo to beat the summer heat? Putting up a garage sale to get rid of your old things at home? Choose to donate part of the proceeds to support a project of your chosen NGO or charity. Who says you have to be rich to do these stuff?



New school supplies make children excited to go back to school. But students who live in poverty do not always have the means to buy school bags and notebooks. Inspire them to keep studying by giving them new school materials.



It's much more fun to study when your classroom is clean, safe, and has working facilities. Volunteer to be part of your community's Brigada Eskwela to make public schools more conducive to learning.



This 2017, make sure your family knows what to do in case typhoons, earthquakes or other disasters strike. Prepare emergency kits that you can quickly grab and come up with an emergency plan so that each member of the family knows what to do and where to go when a disaster happens. #DapatReady



Choose to sponsor a child this year. By doing so, you give them access to their basic needs and also serve as an inspiration for them to do well in school. Learn how child sponsorship works.



Invite your families and friends to raise funds to help children in need. Check out our Simply Giving page to learn more!



A child who does not eat well is a child who cannot learn well. Support food programs that teach parents how to prepare nutritious food and do so with a simple #Hungerfree food post on Instagram!


Celebrate Children's month by doing something memorable and special with your children, nieces or nephews.



Every year, we invite people to give Noche Buena gifts to families who cannot afford to celebrate Christmas with a bountiful meal. Share this tradition with us.


Happy New Year! World Vision/January 1, 2017


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