Spiritual Nurture


World Vision’s Spiritual Nurture for Filipino Children (SNFC) is a five-year project that is geared towards promoting spiritual nurture and positive values among children and youth by engaging them and their families in interactive workshops.

One of the project’s initiatives is “Celebrating Families,” a training that aims to build strong foundations within families and nurture the participants’ spiritual journey. In 2018, we partnered with the Philippine Children’s Ministries Network to conduct “Celebrating Families” trainings for pastors, faith leaders, social workers and community servants representing different networks. In 2018, 805 parents and caregivers successfully completed the required trainings on responsible parenthood and spiritual nurture for children. A total of 21,667 children also participated in SNC activities in our supported communities.


Children are the most affected when their concept of family falls apart. With a strong support system of friends, teachers, relatives and the community, children are able to cope. It is with this premise that World Vision continues to partner with more schools and church groups to reach more children for spiritual nurture.


Carls admitted that she stopped going to church and studying hard after issues began affecting her family. Through an activity organized by World Vision’s SNFC, she eventually found the opportunity to be healed.


“During the workshop, I shared my family background and my personal struggles to my fellow participants. They listened to me and helped me understand my situation better. They also shared their own personal stories which somehow comforted me knowing that there are people who understand my struggles,” Carls shared.


She continued attending other World Vision activities such as peacebuilding and self-awareness workshops. It helped her recover and restore her relationship with her family members. She also reached out to her siblings and shared her experiences to them.


Carls’ story, along with the stories of thousands more who participate in spiritual nurture activities, is a manifestation of World Vision’s transformational development work in the communities.

For more questions about the program,  You may call our Child Sponsorship team at (02) 374-76-18 loc. 214 .