Employee Engagement

Every company should prioritize improving employee engagement because it cultivates a motivating culture for employees to give their best at work, which contributes to organizational success and an enhanced sense of their own fulfilment. One very effective way to boost employee engagement is through corporate volunteering, defined as employer-organized opportunities for employees to support a charitable cause or make a positive social impact with their contribution of time or talent.

Employees are better engaged not only when the company’s values are strongly aligned with theirs, but more so when there are relevant opportunities to practice those values inside and outside work. When the company supports causes that are dear to employees’ hearts, employees are more willing and proud to identify themselves closely with the organization. Research shows that corporate volunteering increases employees’ sense of purpose, pride in employers’ products and services, personal growth, and job satisfaction.

World Vision, as a child-focused NGO, partners with like-minded companies who are fellow advocates for children’s wellbeing. We know that we cannot possibly do our work alone, but we are confident that by partnering with your company together with your employees through volunteering, we will deepen our impact on the most vulnerable children.

Together, let us make corporate volunteering meaningful, relevant, and impactful for your community and our communities.